The Circle of Dreams Foundation helps support those organizations willing to participate in maintaining balance within nature by actively bettering themselves, their community and therefore the world.

We are focused, both in the US and abroad, on providing philanthropic resources, grant opportunities (including research grants) that foster education, leadership, and skill-building programs and projects involving Nature’s Commons.

Nature’s Commons is foundational to all species that coexist on earth, not just humans and includes the health and well-being of all animals. Without support of the basics, such as clean air, fresh water, resilient oceans, and healthy forests, nothing else can exist, let alone thrive.

Circle of Dreams Foundation is at the service of Nature’s Commons and our efforts and support of those organizations that are actively engaged in programs that support our mission.

Mission & Vision

Circle of Dreams Foundations’ mission is to collaborate with causes around the world that support Nature’s Commons.

Our philanthropic effort is built on people and partnerships that assist our grantee recipients in achieving a vision of our world where all species, by land, sea, or air, have the opportunity to co-exist in balance. We will encourage grantees to explore new and innovative solutions to expand through existing barriers, both social and economic.

We encourage ongoing partnerships with organizations that have existing programs involving participation and education on a local level, where individuals have the knowledge of the local environment. When working and being supportive in these partnerships, it will have a ripple effect achieving long-lasting benefits by helping individuals, communities and ecosystems, alike.

Engage with Us

Over the years, we have personally seen the need for consistent support in the areas that the Circle of Dreams Foundation focuses on. We want to make formal grant opportunities available using a methodical approach.

Aspects of Nature’s Commons that include clean air and water, ocean health, and forestry all fall within the areas of support offered by the Circle of Dreams Foundation to those engaged in such activities that are in balance, and not harming, the environment. Ultimately, we strive to be a resource that helps promote the preservation and balance of Nature and Nature’s Commons.

By giving people the tools to create and engage in a healthy, inclusive, and supportive relationship to nature, we believe this will address issues that are fundamental to future generations.

We created the Circle of Dreams foundation as a way to engage, support, and illuminate the role of science, art, athletics, educational activities, business, craft, and technology to lift individuals and society to next level awareness and co-create expansive solutions and ideas that include all aspects of Nature.

Organizations that fit soundly within our mission and vision are encouraged to submit a grant application for a given project or ongoing program.

Individuals are encouraged to apply for research grants that could enhance their level of success for new or ongoing projects.

We’re excited that you’re excited! If you would like to apply for an available grant, please take the time to download and read through our grant application and provide all of the requested information.

We evaluate all grant applications as they come in throughout the year and will respond within a four week timeframe, if not sooner.

About Us


Circle of Dreams Foundations’ mission is to collaborate with organizations and causes around the world that support Nature’s Commons.

Our love and dedication to the preservation and well-being of the natural world have been the inspiration behind the philanthropy efforts at the Circle of Dreams Foundation. We use grantmaking as a multi-faceted strategic platform to form partnerships with people and groups engaged in activities that are in balance with the natural environment.

We focus within the US and abroad, on providing resources and grant opportunities that foster education, leadership, and skill-building projects involving Nature’s Commons. Without support of the basics, such as clean air, fresh water, resilient oceans, and healthy forests, nothing else can exist, let alone thrive. Nature’s Commons is foundational to all species that coexist on earth, not just humans.

Who are the ‘people and groups’ that the Circle of Dreams Foundation focuses on? 

We focus on existing non-profit organizations, individual research programs, and groups engaged in activities that are in balance with the natural environment and who are addressing social norms that may no longer be sustainable for existing and future generations.

We focus on those that can ask the difficult questions and find new, more sustainable ways of supporting cultural norms. Those that are educating themselves by developing skills and asking questions and taking part in critical thinking, team building, leadership, confidence, integrity and self-sustenance. 

We focus on organizations and people that are present to the threats that many of our socially acceptable activities have towards Nature and we want to create awareness to these issues and provide solutions related to the preservation of the natural environment. For example, clean water projects, coral reef restoration ocean projects, sustainable trail building in forests, youth educational programs, carbon reduction/neutral projects, animal rescue/rehabilitation, to name a few.

We focus on the youth, elders, social entrepreneurs, and organizations (small and large) that are actively pursuing remedies for addressing and preserving resources for future generations.

Who does Circle of Dreams Foundation work with/through? 

Circle of Dreams Foundation will make available operational and research grants to those who meet our criteria as determined in our grant application process.

Established non-profit local groups with a reputation for high integrity and a history of effective service to those within our target “ecosystem” noted above as well as those in need of  resources in order to actively pursue programs and/or research initiatives that are in alignment with the Foundations’ mission statement.

The path of this journey begins when the next generation of critical thinkers can access quality resources to realize those dreams for a more balanced future with nature.

Where do we work? 

Circle of Dreams Foundation projects and support are currently located in the United States; Roatan, Honduras; Isla Mujeres, Mexico; Managua, Nicaragua; Indigenous community of Corozo, Nicaragua; and various other countries through our support to other existing non-profit organizations. It is our continuing plan to support programs based in the US and abroad.

We will seek out existing, well established, organizations that have operating programs that met the grant criteria established for grantees from the Circle of Dreams Foundation that we can assist with.

Additionally, we plan to offer research grants for both participation and/or support of individuals and organizations that fulfill the Foundations’ stated mission.

What approach does Circle of Dreams Foundation take to achieve its mission?

The ability to succeed and thrive is innate to all species of all environments.  There are a range of critical thinkers that have a goal and dream to improve the current conditions for preserving all aspects of nature, and Nature’s Commons, for future generations. 

Often the only difference between success and not, is having the proper tool in hand. Having the proper tool for success holds whether or not it is being applied in a handcraft workshop, in business or in relationships to the natural world. Supporting educational programs in nature, science, art, & technology all play a role as a tool and vehicle of delivery.

At Circle of Dreams we strive to connect with the most effective ‘tools’ needed for a grantee’s program or vocation to prosper and will provide grants through a stringent grant application process.

Does Circle of Dreams equip groups with any specific tool or method?

One key tool is the appropriate use of grant making programs for the purpose of providing educational and/or vocational opportunities and/or enhancing an existing operating program within a nonprofit organization. Experience has shown that the proper use of small grants and scholarships to people is an extremely effective means of raising their level of ability to succeed in the programs they are engaged in. Other tools that the Circle of Dreams Foundations is capable of providing include: education, mentoring, training, and resource networking at the local organizational level. 

What We Don’t Typically Fund

Capital campaigns

Endowments, debt reduction, or loans

Healthcare, mental health, or disease-specific

Organizations with annual budgets in excess of $5 million

Organizations in leadership transition (i.e. interim director)

Organizations that discriminate in any way

Political causes, candidates, or campaigns

Public policy, advocacy, or research

Religious organizations for religious purposes

Type III supporting organizations under IRC Section 509(a)(3)


Board of Trustees

The Circle of Dreams Foundation was formed in 2019 by its co-Founders, Jeanne B. Jambor and Sue Dreamweaver Spielman. Both women bring a wealth of experience in all aspects of execution and management for the foundation. They are both personally active in supporting Circle of Dreams Foundation development and the support for existing programs by providing the capital donations needed for operations serving both  individuals and community groups. 

Jeanne Jambor

Ms. Jambor is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in business execution, management and strategic business development. As a Chief Operating Officer and an Executive Vice President, Jeanne has overseen the day-to-day operations across all areas of companies. Under her leadership she has organically grown company operations around the globe, forming strategic partnerships and structuring equity investments.

After beginning her career in public accounting and corporate finance, Jeanne has been with entrepreneurial companies within the technology and real estate sectors for the past 20+ years.

Jeanne holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a BBA from James Madison University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Jeanne is an avid outdoor enthusiast and is dedicated to professionally mentoring others.  In addition, she serves on various Board of Directors for technology real estate companies.

Reach her at [email protected]

Sue Dreamweaver Spielman

Ms. Spielman is an entrepreneur with a lifetime of experience in business, technology, and nature’s teachings. Her career as a software architect and engineer spans decades of experience developing advanced enterprise whole systems, managing, mentoring, and educating. She is an award-winning author of seven books, in the areas of business, technology, and Nature’s Commons.

The past 15+ years, Sue/Dreamweaver has committed her time, energy, and experience to discovering, evolving, and researching Nature’s teachings and commons. She is an initiated Keeper and continues providing educational experiences to participants throughout the United States.

She has served on various Board of Directors, both for-profit and non-profit (501(c)(3)) as both a board member, and board executive. Sue holds a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University and a BS from Stony Brook University.

Reach her at [email protected]


If you have a program that you feel fits for consideration, please don’t wait. Introduce your organization or yourself to discuss the program or idea you think Circle of Dreams Foundation can assist with and we can see if it makes sense to pursue the grant application process. You can reach us at [email protected]